Hoops Basketball Goals Need A Home!

Back in January, we were informed that the old shopping center in Lake Highlands where our Hoops basketball goals were being stored for free was going to be torn down.  We had to remove the goals, bracket boards, etc into temporary storage (our backyards!) until this weekend.  We have not been able to find a facility to house these goals for free, and it hurts us to have to pay for storage out of the disbursement funds that go to WRE, WE, NLE & LHJH schools.  This is probably going to be about $1,200/year.

So, we are asking our loyal fans if anyone has a large storage space that can house 19 full size goals (they lay down nicely and don’t have water in them), 5 4×8 bracket boards, 2 small basketball goals, and about 60 sand/concrete bags at no charge.

If you can help, please email us at hoopsinthehighlands@gmail.com

Thank you for supporting HOOPS!