2019 Thank Yous

We had over two amazing hours of Hoops before the storm rolled in.  We could not have done it without our HITH Planning committee, our sponsors, and our 203 registered teams.

Our “thanks” goes to:

PTA Presidents:  Stephani Walne, Lauren Pardue, Jennifer Wilcox, Hayley Fielder & Carolyn Potter.

Our Committee Roster:   Deena Harvanek, Alyssa Ramsey, Merilee Biancardi, Tara Hickman, Katie Isbell, Alison Zelaya, Julie Goodale, Courtney Slye, Shelly Helms, Denise Wright, Brandi Nortman, Lindsey Brewer, Liz Freethy, Diana Hunter, Sarah Knabe, Gina Manning Libby Nicholson, Courtney Halpin and Stacie Czech.

Our Special Volunteers & Shout Outs to:

Merilee & Any Biancardi    Tara & Kevin Hickman    Greg & Laura Lavender  DJ Kurt Osterbush     SVAA Refs & Terrance D. Walker    Whitney Ragsdale      Jenna Kampfschulte      Cedric Lott & Reynold’s Security     Kristin Weale & TJ Sanders Group     Melissa & Mike   Smith    Melissa Bebell      The LHHS Boys Basketball Players      Coach Sandi Barr – NLE       Dora Fuentes & Lorena at Highland Oaks Church of Christ    Dallas Police Department     The City of Dallas       Jim Harman & Crew     Scott Johnson  Carol Toler     Sally Wamre     Paul & Erin Foley   LHHS Student Volunteers      Lake Highlands School of Music     Grub Burger Bar

And all of our volunteers who signed up on Volunteer Spot!

A HUGE THANK YOU to Our Sponsors:

See you in 2019!