2018 Hoops in the Highlands Winners!

Here are the winners of Hoops in the Highlands 2018!

Bracket Winners:

BK- Air Elite
B1- Lakewood Sharks
B2- Dilly Dilly
B3- Savage Amigos
B4- OOF!
B5- Triumph Gold 2025
B8- Robodawgs

GK/1- White RockErs
G2- Raindrops
G3- The Pit Bulls
G4- Shorty Ballers
G5- Do the Do
G6/7- Waffle Falafels

Best Team Name: COMING SOON

Best Team Uniform: COMING SOON

Hoops Shoot Free Throw Contest Winners:
8 &Under Boys - 1st - Isaac Brackin & 2nd- Beau Dalton
8 & Under Girls - None
9-10 Boys - 1st - Myles Dalton & 2nd - Jack Sisk
9-10 Girls - 1st - Ashlyn Steele & 2nd - Leah Manning
11-12 Boys - 1st - Bryan Graham & 2nd - Alex Shadle
11-12 Girls - 1st - Me Bone & 2nd - Sarah Manning
13-15 Boys - 3 Way Tie Carson Iltis & Cal Graham & Miller Trubey
13-15 Girls- None
16+ Boys/Men- None
16+ Girls/Women- None

What Hoops is All About

Hoops in the Highlands is a 3-on-3 basketball tournament to raise money for the PTA's of Lake Highlands Junior High, Northlake, Wallace, Thurgood Marshall, Lake Highlands, and White Rock Elementary schools.

Divisions for boys and girls in grades K-8 will be formed by team registration.

Each team consists of 4 players. Teams must compete in the grade Division of the oldest player on that team.

Hoops begins the tournament with round robin play. This determines seeds for the following single elimination bracket. Teams will play a minimum of 3 games.

Tournament schedule & bracket cannot be compiled until late registration is closed. The schedule is contingent on how many teams register per bracket. The larger the bracket, the longer schedule of play will be for that bracket. The more you win, the longer your schedule will be. Goal heights also impact court availability when scheduling games. Hoops tries not to schedule back to back games.

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